A family commends ESPA staff for their, “love, passion and commitment”

Everyone at ESPA was appalled and saddened by the Panorama programme of the abuse of vulnerable adults at a private hospital in Durham.

We pride ourselves on the lengths we go to keep people safe and happy,  so it was wonderful to receive this email from the sister of someone we supported for many years:

“Having watched Panorama last week re: the abuse of those with learning difficulties etc. I shed tears of disgust and anger but also some of relief.  Relief in that Robert spent as long with ESPA, through some highs and also some really challenging times.  As families, putting our trust in staff that are strangers at first is so difficult, but from day one, each residence Robert was at with ESPA, both himself and us were treated with respect.  We were fortunate as well in that you were literally on our doorstep.  I cannot leave out those that work at other departments of ESPA, from the College, Croft Centre and even the main offices.  I am smiling now thinking of him going for petty cash.

As you know staff coped with his extreme challenging behaviours over the years, also supported him through the bereavements of both our parents. Both mam and dad, as well as myself held all of you at ESPA with the highest of regards.  There are no words that could adequately convey our thanks for everything that was done for him.  Time after time staff went the extra mile and I know how devastated some were when it came that he had to leave.

We hear many bad stories in the media and not as much about companies that have good practices in place. So I would like staff who supported and knew Robert to know that, the care they gave Robert, the love, passion and commitment to improve his life, was and will be, always appreciated by our family.

He is well settled in his supported living place and has a good team around him, thanks to the ground work and hard work by ESPA staff that gave them a foundation to build upon”.

Many thanks



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