What Parents Say

Christine was really scared to do a lot of things and she was so immature.  Since starting at ESPA staff supported her and now she’s blossomed into a confident mature young girl and I can’t believe the difference in her.

Friendships?… Well, before she had no friends and was very wary especially around young boys, just males in general.  She has got a lot of friends here and nine out of ten of them are male and she definitely  gives as good as she gets.   She’s got an answer now for anything to anybody.  Whereas before she was just sitting in a corner cowering.  She wouldn’t speak to anyone, but she’s come right out of her shell since being with ESPA.  I also feel that Christine feels part of a family.  It’s a family atmosphere at ESPA; everybody knows each other and looks after each other.  It’s just one big family and it’s changed Christine’s life and, to be honest, it’s changed mine as well!

Christine's Mum

“James personal development and social development has been phenomenal. No one would ever have thought he would be taking part in gigs… we were gobsmacked”

“No one will ever know what James future will hold but long may it continue with ESPA, as I cannot think of a better place that could cater for his needs”

“ESPA staff are the most dedicated people within a college environment and give our kids the best possible education they could”

James' Mum

Before Stephen came to ESPA he would fly off the handle, fight, punch, kick whatever … Since coming to ESPA he’s just a totally different son.  He can handle things a lot better, he’s just loads happier.  Since Autism4Heroes and Stephen getting involved with that, he’s just a totally different boy; even his brothers and sisters have noticed the difference.  He just loves being at home and he loves coming to ESPA and being in the band and singing.  He just loves enjoying himself.

Stephen's Mum

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