Autism Works

Autism Works is a trading subsidiary of ESPA and takes positive action towards providing sustainable employment for people on the autism spectrum in the field of Software Testing.


Many people with Autism Spectrum Conditions traditionally experience significant barriers to finding, selecting, applying, securing and sustaining employment. These difficulties are further increased due to the general lack of public awareness. Employers also have little awareness of the condition and there is limited information, advice or support available to them.

ESPA naturally recognises that within the condition there are many positive traits that are perfectly suited to software testing that gives the company a real competitive advantage in the marketplace. These include excellent rote memory, attention to detail, precision, analytical, intelligence, methodical, and focused.

Autism Works has developed autism-specific policies and procedures that enable its employees to succeed in their roles through reasonable adjustments to recruitment and selection procedure and flexible person-centered terms and conditions of employment based upon their strengths and needs. We recognise that each employee is unique and will need a highly personalised employment plan.

Autism Works operates under the trading name of seeDetail, which is exactly what our employees do, and is essential in the software development cycle.


I was drawn to Autism Works as an organisation, firstly, because it offers a service that my organisation needs. It does so through a unique combination of specific skills in its staff, a base in the region and very clear societal benefits. This business model uses the talents of its people while offering a range of opportunities which those people may not otherwise be able to access. Further, it supports the economy in the region. It is a model which should be used more widely across the country, in a range of contexts.

Steve Williams, Director of Information Systems and Services, Newcastle University

Autism Works is an inspiring and exciting project. It has the potential to be a major step forward in terms of implementing the National Adult Autism Strategy through helping adults with autism into work, increasing awareness and understanding of autism among potential employers as well as contributing towards improving access to services to enable adults with autism to live dignified and independent lives. As well as benefits for adults with autism, Autism Works will reduce much stress that many parents, carers and professionals face in terms of supporting them.

Mark Lever, Chief Executive, National Autistic Society
An inspiring and exciting project
Very clear societal benefits
It offers a service my organisation needs
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