When Only Heroes Will Do

It was a summers afternoon in late June and there was a knock on the front door of Lorne Terrace. At the door was a frail and distressed 82 year old lady—it was Jean, one of the neighbours. Peter, on realizing how upset she was, asked her what was wrong. Jean explained that a male youth had snatched her handbag and ran way with it. Dave, on hearing this, exclaimed ‘poor soul, poor soul’.

Jean was invited into Lorne, she was still in shock. David asked her to sit on the sofa and Peter asked her if she would like a cup of tea.  The police were contacted and the situation explained to them.

Peter and David suggested that Jean should stay at Lorne until her family arrived to look after her following such a terrible incident. Both of them stayed close and gave reassuring words and comforting ‘pats’ on Jeans arm until her family arrived.  Chris Widdowson was also on hand to provide additional back-up.

After Jean left, Peter and David showed great disgust at the awful actions of that youth and wondered how someone could do that to an 82-year-old-lady.

Jean later sent a card expressing her gratitude for the tender loving care she received from the residents and staff. She said they were ‘simply the best’ and she would never forget such kindness.

Peter and David certainly deserve recognition for how much empathy and care they showed that day, heroes indeed!



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Outstanding procedures for safeguarding
You couldn't wish for better staff
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