My Slimming World Journey by James

I started Slimming World in June 2014. I go to the group based at St Johns Church which is run by Gill. I have made a lot of friends including Ian Davies; I have lost 2 stone and 13 ½ lbs since starting. I am very proud of what I have achieved so far and it makes me feel healthy and good about myself.

me sleek take 2

I am happy with my diet and enjoy my soup, salad and jelly on a lunch time but if I fancied a change I know that I could chat to staff about my choices and options and change my lunch menu. I enjoy my tea menu and have recently been involved in changing them.

Staff help me to prepare and manage my lunches, I am capable of managing it. I have my treat on a Friday at Gregg’s café and I go out with my dad once a fortnight on a Saturday and treat myself. I sometimes treat myself on some Saturdays when I am out with staff on a 1-1 in town. I sometimes get tempted with sugar; staff know me and will remind me about using the correct amount.

I have a very active timetable and do a lot of exercise each week. I go to Tasker gym once a week and I walk to and from all my sessions. I also go swimming and trampolining on a Friday.

I enjoy staying at the Slimming World class and listening to other people’s stories and how their week has been, we are all there to support each other as we all want to be healthy and lose weight. I enjoy taking part in the raffle and I have won quite a few times. I have also been slimmer of the week a few times. This meant I got a certificate for losing weight continuously over a few weeks and I also got a bag full of healthy fruit and veg to enjoy. I also like going to the tuck shop at the Slimming World class to purchase boxes of hi fi bars, I have tried them all and I like them all – I don’t have a favourite.

I recently was voted to be Mr Sleek 2015 for Slimming World and I won!!

I am very proud.

James Cooke



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