Martin’s parents highlight ESPA’s exceptional care

Our son Martin was diagnosed autistic in the very early 1970’s and at that time provision was scant, bordering on non-existent with no-one to turn to for meaningful help.

For many years it was a struggle (sometimes a battle!) to see my way forward.

However, through the evolution of Tyneside Society for Autistic Children, Tyne and Wear Autistic Society, Communities for Autistic People to ESPA the situation in the North East is a revolution.

It has come too late for Martin’s prospects for significant improvement but he is now resident in a superb ESPA accommodation in The Cedars. The level of care is exceptional and after all the years of worry and concern for Martin’s future, were are now content.

I think that it must be difficult to combine a high standard of expertise and professionalism with a high level of caring. I know that ESPA has this throughout the organisation. Certainly in our son’s case the level of care is very high indeed.

Where we would have been without ESPA we would dread to think!!

Kindest of Regards




An outstanding organisation
Outstanding procedures for safeguarding
You couldn't wish for better staff
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