Bryn receives Award for Exceptional Patient Care

RVI Volunteers Event

My Name is Bryn Howard and I currently reside at Westfield which is a hall of residents for young adults with Aspergers. I have been volunteering as a Porter at the RVI hospital in Newcastle for over 18 months now.

During this time I have worked hard with my travel training and work risk assessments. I can now travel independently to Newcastle where I meet my ESPA support staff. Over several months I have worked hard to display professional conduct within the hospital and the staff team now supports me form a distance. It is hoped that I continue to progress and need less support from the staff team. This has given me lots of confidence, and helped me to manage my own difficulties.

My role involves looking after the patients, taking them to relevant Departments within the hospital; I sometimes get members of the public asking me for directions to certain Departments within the hospital.

I love working at the RVI.  The staff team have made me feel more confident, relaxed and happy within my role. I have made new friends and go out on staff nights out socialising in the local pubs and restaurants.

I was also selected to observe the Patient Transport Service (PTS) team at work. This involved me travelling in one of the ambulances and observe how they collect and take patients to appointments. I do this without ESPA staff support which is a great achievement. I now do this once each month.

Last week I was invited to an awards ceremony which celebrated the achievements of the staff at the hospital. I was presented with an award at this ceremony for ‘’exceptional patient care’’. This made me feel valued and respected for the work I do. In the future I hope to continue working at the RVI and continue observing the Patient Transport Services (PTS ambulances)

I am now well established within the team at the hospital.  Returning patients often thank me for helping them and they seem happy to see me again.

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